Want to change a habit? Start a hobby? Build a discipline?

Do it … for just 99 days!

Beginning January 2, 2013, people from around the world will make a 99-day commitment to doing something creative or healthy or adventurous or … whatever you choose! What you do is entirely up to you. (Learn more about the how and why of this project.)

Here on this blog site, we will encourage and discuss the process. We’ll also connect on Facebook and Twitter. Please share progress, struggles and triumphs in whichever forum suits you. Or, if you prefer, you can communicate directly with just99days via email.

Before January even arrives, please leave a comment below to tell the rest of us what you’ll practice for just 99 days. Maybe you’ll cook, read, run, meditate, write, sing, paint, pray, draw, dance …

What will you do?


9 responses to “Want to change a habit? Start a hobby? Build a discipline?

  • Karen M.

    The shootings at Sandy Hook shook me to the core. In honor of those 26 people, I decided to do a good deed, large or small, every day for the next year. I’ll keep a running log to mark my progress. The 99 Day Challenge is a good kick off to the year long project.

  • Sarah Leonard

    I will be journaling every day, at least one sentence but hopefully a paragraph or more. I’ve kept journals on and off since I was a child but the volume of entries from 2012 is sorely lacking. Here’s hoping this will be helpful for my writing practice, reflection, and relaxation.

  • Rachel Nash

    I will be taking 15 minutes per day to meditate or sit quietly to reflect. I have a very crazy graduate school lifestyle and I am very excited to take some “me time” every day. This is something I am not historically good at, so I know it will be a challenge!

  • Lee

    I want to hear Beth sing!!

  • Jimi

    I am looking forward to embarking on my 99 day challenge – I will be focusing on making healthier choices (Diet, Exercise, Rest, Reading, Laughing More and Stressing Less).

    I look forward to hearing our stories, our successes and our challenges. Let’s help each other stay on track; learning to make 99 days into the every day.

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